Jay Edwards

A young artist, musician and entrepreneur who has an unhealthy obsession to video games.

Main blog: professorpix.tumblr.com

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  • asian:

    I have a frame picture up on my wall showing one of the dumbest anon question i have ever gotten


    "You’re not Asian because you weren’t born in Asia. I know this because I have an asian friend, and she’s from Asia."

    (via asian)




    This photoshop is amazing - The girl with her heart literally coming out of her chest is a little unnerving but it’s so beautiful.

    Uhm that’s not beautiful, that’s disgusting. It’s just some sicko trying to look artistic when really all she did is make me want to puke.

    Okay first of all that IS art. Imagine how much work went into it and you’re just shooting it all down because it unnerves you a bit? That is so ignorant, i think the entire thing is a metaphor for your heart breaking or being hurt. The blood pumping out is supposed to be her love. Don’t put it down because you’re too stupid to understand it.

    (via itsmemacleod)

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